Remixing a wide range of languages, both from art history and popular culture, Dulloo experiences the process of painting as transposing real-life processes, reenacted through mental states and languages. He treats art as humans in itself, with all the complexity and contradiction that they entail. Each work, as specific as each entity of a species, carries its  own temporality and subjective trajectory.

Performative in nature, his paintings strike a balance between automated instinct and calculated strategies. The work exhibits a use of exuberant colour and bold gestures. An energetic combination of artists like Matisse, Jean Michel Basquiat and De Kooning, his aesthetic plays between the figurative and the symbolic. This layered energy is psychically rooted in Dulloo´s natal island of Mauritius where a diversity of cultural influences broil.

Within his practice of painting, text and photography, one witnesses the marks of an islander who went on to inhabit multiple layers of various cultures around the globe. As a nomad, a sense of where one is from also informs his work and reflects on the cacophony of a post-internet society.

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Using a mixed-media interdisciplinary approach, Djuneid Dulloo´s work focuses the link between creolized forms, entangled aesthetics, and the representation of hybrid realities. A Mauritian-born artist, who left the Mascarene island as a teenager to attend High School in Kenya, Dulloo studied fine art in college in Boston. Based in Berlin since almost a decade, his distinct work today qualifies him as a powerful transnational artist who brings together Creole, African, and Western imaginaries and cosmologies. While his paintings and photography express the overlapping of multiple geographies, temporalities, and cultural identities, Dulloo’s breakdown of formal categories, epistemological taxonomies, and mainstream aesthetic historiographies, not only echoes the heterogeneity and cultural diversity of his native island; it also foregrounds creolization as a creative practice—a methodology for performing transcultural exchange—that produces unpredictable connections, and crosses both physical and imaginary borders...

B.Jean Francois, Penn State University.

PRESS Review 

MAURITIUS IN MITTE by Ingeborg Ruthe

Djuneid Dulloo has, without a doubt brought some sun soaked colors from the Indian ocean all the way to cloudy Berlin. Mauritius sounds like the piercing blue sky reflected in the sea, giving its name to a popular stamp from the colonial era. But he also paints in shrill reds, greens, a yellow reminiscent of the sun,  and pink. Born 1983 in Pamplemousses, and now teacher at the Cosmopolitan School in Berlin Mitte, Dulloo blends his fantastic colors with a subtle collage technique. He layers his paint, so that the actual motif seems to disappear. Traditional symbolism signs and patterns of an ancient and to us exotic culture blend with the everyday life of the Western society determined by consumerism. Those worlds seem to penetrate each other as they compete without leaving out the irritation and pain that come with such battle. Dulloo’s images shine, they are vivid, and raw.  Lines curb, forms break and oppress one another. One recognizes the inspired observer, the hungry cosmopolitan from the far away island who soaked up western art like a sponge without having dismissed his cultural inheritance. Many of his paintings remind one of  the afro American Jean Michel Basquiat, who left us too early.  Dulloo’s work plays with lines, signs, language and rhythm. He also likes repetition of forms, sampling, and scratching.
Curator Corinna Charis Schwarz offers the expat from Mauritius a spot in her art and design salon in Berlin Mitte, close to neighboring galleries and art institutions, which also functions as a casual podium for exchanges about art, readings, films and concerts.

Translation by Julia Milz.


The Granary, Port Louis Mauritius. 


  • 30 Contemporary Artists, Enter Art Foundation, Berlin Germany  (upcoming September)
  • The Third Dot, Port Louis, Mauritius 
  • REVENANT, (Solo  Show), Charisschwarz,Berlin,  Germany


  • The Third Dot Contemporary Mauritian Photography, Roche Bobois, Mauritius


  • Berlin Art Week 
    Ex-Galerie Christian Ehrentraut
    Friedrichstr.122, Berlin
  • Mauritius Pavilion, 56th Venice Biennale, International Contemporary Art exhibition,  Venice, Italy.05.05. - 22.11.2015. 


  • X, Lipopette, Warthestrasse 9, Berlin


  • 12x12, The Cellar Gallery, Berlin
  • All the Pretty Girls, The Cellar Gallery, Berlin
  • Selected Works, Lipopette, Berlin
  • Daddy you can't (..) , Grimmuseum, Berlin


  • Die Neue Form, ID Studios, Berlin
  • Das Baumhaus, Fluxbau, Berlin
  • Kaum III, Raum 18, Berlin
  • This Info is not available in your country, Kaleidoskop, Berlin
  • Peer to peer, Tête, Berlin


  • Dulloo+Grimaldi, Zugabe!, Berlin
  • Drawing Connections, Siena Art Institute, Siena


  • New works from the Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
  • Opening And Closing Now, Beacon Estate Gallery, Somerville, USA


  • De L’Amour et de la Mort, IBL Gallery, Mauritius
  • The Awakening, Galeria Espelde Mardaras, Bilbao


  • New Paintings, Bioversity International, Rome 
  • Before the rain, Galeria Esther Monturiol, Barcelona
  • Annual Show, Grossman Gallery, Boston 
  • Favela Chic, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris


B.F.A .

  • School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 
  • Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts 
  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design


  • Harvard University, Arts in Education
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